RT @caffiffortisimo: Braf clywed cân gan @gwennosaunders ar y playlist mewn tafarn @brainsbrewery. Mae'r Gymraeg i'w chlywed fwy a mwy yn y…

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We love Fir King Good (obviously) but Howay in a Manger from @MORDUEBREWERY is genius #XmasBeers https://t.co/904uZPjFKv

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Fir King Good - The King 👑of Christmas 🎅 beers! 'An ale full of rich flavours for the festive period. Brewed using… https://t.co/43WCoHTpnR

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@cdfblogger Sorry missed that tweet, will double check tomorrow and let you know. Unless @yardcardiff @Dukecardiff… https://t.co/Tp79W9tz0r

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