Pub People

The publican

Running a pub is a lifetime dream for many – but the skills necessary for success should not be underestimated. Business manager, licensee, a friendly face and an expert in customer service make for a special combination. That so many succeed is testimony to the skills of these 52,000 professionals. Publicans remain a key part of their local community, providing a service that goes well beyond commercial success. Whether it’s sport, helping local charities or bringing local groups together, publicans have always been the Big Society at its best.

The musician

In Britain, pubs are where live music begins. Many major stars such as Elton John, Snow Patrol and The Clash have used pubs as a launchpad to stardom, but aspiring musicians of all kinds find both an audience and an opportunity in countless pub venues across the nation. This range of musical styles is something to celebrate – whatever the style, sound or system, the depth and variety of pub venues provide the perfect showcase. It’s the home of musical diversity, and without pubs, the nation’s music scene wouldn’t be the same.

The chef

With the range and quality of pub food expanding all the time, there has been a huge rise in the numbers of professionally trained chefs who find their living in the local. These individuals have spearheaded a leap in the quality of pub dining, which has seen the rise of the gastro pub but also a huge increase in the range of foods on offer. There are now more meals served in Britain’s pubs than its restaurants – around a billion per year – putting pubs firmly at the heart of the hospitality industry.

Did you know?

1 billion

Did you know?

1 million