Future Proof - Licensed Trade Charity

Licensed Trade Charity announces new support services for the future

The Licensed Trade Charity announced plans to introduce new services and support for those working, or retired from, pubs and breweries at a presentation on Wednesday 14th March. The presentation to senior representatives of the licensed drinks trade, provided the key findings from research the charity had undertaken, and what plans they had to change their services within the next few years.

The Licensed Trade Charity, which has provided support to those in need from the trade for over 200 years, has seen a 100% increase in the number of people applying for help during the last seven years. Concerned that they were prepared with the right support for the future and able to assist those who most need it, the charity undertook research to find out how many people were likely to need help, and what issues they would be facing. The research highlighted the need for support in three areas 1) for those of working age - for housing; support with debt problems and support with health issues; 2) support for the children of those in the trade who were struggling to find employment and 3) for those retiring from the trade facing social isolation.

The trade charity will be developing new support packages in three areas; its website; its helpline and through its national programme of volunteers. James Brewster, the charity’s chief executive, said “we know that we provide very valuable support to those facing difficult times, but were conscious of the increasing demand upon us. The research findings and the new support we will have in place will help us be future proof, as much as we can be, so that we are still making a difference in another 200 years time.”

Support & Care’s new website and extended helpline service is now available, following its official launch at the PMA GB Pub Awards on Thursday 12th Sept 2013.

Our new helpline number: 0808 801 0550 – free to landlines and most mobile networks and available from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.