Institute of Brewing & Distilling

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) is a members organisation dedicated to the education and training needs of brewers & distillers and those in related industries. This is achieved through a range of internationally recognised qualifications and the training to support them, either through direct instruction or distance learning.


The IBD's Vision Statement is:
The advancement of education and professional development in the science and technologies of brewing, distilling and related industries.

Global membership is administered on a geographic basis, with sections around the world. Governing the IBD is its Council, which comprises; Officers of the Institute, its committees and representatives of each IBD section.

Councillors are both trustees of the educational charity, and directors of the business. The Institute reports to the UK Charity Commission and Companies House. Please see below our Mission Statements.

IBD Strategic Mission Statements

Educational Strategic Mission

To provide the most respected and most widely recognised qualifications, training and development in Brewing and Distilling globally.

Educational Strategic Goals
To achieve industry recognition and acceptance of IBD qualifications as global standards to support members career prospects. To ensure high standards and integrity of examinations are maintained and that qualifications are continually relevant to industry needs. To ensure that the syllabus for each IBD qualification is adequately supported by training materials, available globally. To ensure global availability of adequate training for IBD examinations. To deliver continuing professional development and post qualification training and education.

Membership Strategic Mission

To build membership around the world by enhancing the breadth and depth of member services that support the delivery of the educational strategic mission.

Membership Strategic Goals
To increase membership globally by use of education and training output, thereby further spreading influence of the IBD in accordance with its Mission Statement. To retain membership through a programme of continuing professional development. To sample and address the needs of members, within the context of education and training.

Organisational Strategic Mission

To secure Honorary Officers, Councillors and volunteers to both Council and Section committees to move the IBD forward in accordance with its Mission Statement.

Organisational Strategic Goals
To ensure a throughput of dynamic and dedicated membership, from student to retirement. To form alliances, where synergy suggests benefit, with industry, academia and other similar membership organisations world-wide which will further the Mission Statement of the IBD. To ensure a strong, vibrant and expanding global network of Sections to support the membership, recognising the potential for growth in developing countries. To ensure that Council decisions reflect the views of the majority of members. To ensure clearly defined lines of responsibility between the Honorary Officers and paid Executive Officers.

Financial Strategic Mission

To secure the financial security and stability of the IBD.

Financial Strategic Goals
To ensure revenue streams to meet core business and development plans, and to generate member services. To ensure capital assets properly maintained and investments sound, within the rules laid down by the UK Charity Commission in England and Wales.

Communications Strategic Mission

To provide a global communication network between members, Sections and the Centre.

Communications Strategic Goals
To ensure regular brewing and distilling related publications to satisfy the Mission. To ensure an up-to-date IBD Website.

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