The Beer People

The farmer

British brewing begins on the farm. Beer is natural product that relies on agriculture, and nature itself. Just under 20,000 people work in UK agriculture in jobs that directly support our brewing industry. From the hard work of these experts, come two of the core ingredients of the nation’s favourite drink. Hop farmers work near exclusively for the brewing industry, and brewers purchase more than a third of the UK malting barley crop. The farmer is essential when it comes to keeping the natural ingredients in beer flowing.

The brewer

One part scientist, one part artist – the brewer is the creative force behind the unique flavours, aromas and look of Britain’s many beers. The skills of the brewer, passed down over the centuries, shouldn’t hide the fact that this is both an artisan and a high-tech industry – with state-of-the-art production processes and improving environmental performance. The increasing diversity of beers available in Britain is testimony to an industry that has always been innovative – yet also respectful of its proud traditions.