Enjoy the Sunrise - Dance More Drink Slow

Our ambition is to lead the way in making the moderate consumption of alcohol an aspirational behaviour and highlighting the importance of staying in control.

By making moderate consumption of alcohol aspirational, we are aiming to change consumer attitudes towards the responsible consumption of alcohol.

In January 2014, Heineken® launched a powerful new TV advert in the UK which aired for three consecutive weeks. The advert focuses on the core elements of what makes a special night unforgettable- a superstar DJ playing great dance music, your friends and seeing a beautiful sunrise. In the story line, the central character waives away the offer of another bottle of Heineken® in favour of a water top-up so that he can focus his energies on the dance floor. The advert ends with the message "Enjoy the Sunrise - Dance More and Drink Slow."

We believe that beer, when consumed responsibly and in moderation, can be part of a healthy lifestyle and can enrich consumer experiences. With the Sunrise campaign, we wanted to show the importance of staying in control and not drinking to excess. We wanted to encourage people to think about their own behaviour when it comes to drinking alcohol during a night out. By showcasing aspirational behaviour, we can illustrate that moderation can be cool.

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