Frederic Robinson Ltd – units on pump clips

Frederic Robinson has signed up to provide unit information to their on-trade customers under the Responsibility Deal. Whilst many companies have sought to provide information on units in a variety of ways including through posters, menus and tent cards on tables Robinsons’ decided to use the opportunity of a major rebrand of their beers to incorporate the units onto their pump clips.

All their pump clips now have units per pint displayed in a prominent form. The striking pump clips will also encompass a similar ‘tab system’ throughout, which enables the customer to identify what the beer is going to taste and look like along with the variety of hops that are infused within the beer. The ABV of the product will also still be displayed on the pump clip.

The pump clips have been well received by consumers and have been an important aspect of Robinsons’ commitment to provide more information and to promote responsible drinking. Robinsons will also be displaying unit information throughout the beer section of their website

Did you know?


Did you know?