Heineken - act for Addaction

We’ve been partners with alcohol and substance misuse charity Addaction for nearly a decade, working together to find new and better ways to combat alcohol harm in communities across the UK.

Addaction provides a life-line for people affected by alcohol and substance misuse. Each person’s path to recovery is different and Addaction services use a number of approaches including cognitive therapy, peer support, and practical help with issues such as employment, housing and debt. Through this support, Addaction helps people to turn their lives around.

In 2014 for the first time we asked each and every one of our 2,000 colleagues across the UK to ‘Act for Addaction’ by taking part in fundraising or volunteering activities, from sky diving to a sponsored walk across Wales. The campaign has raised over £150,000 for Addaction and throughout the year our calendar of activity has steadily grown including:

  • 50 colleagues took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October, including three members of our Senior Management team and Addaction’s own Chief Executive
  • We’re piloting a mentoring scheme, matching 10 Heineken mentors with 10 Addaction staff mentees over a six month period
  • 7 Heineken teams are rolled up their sleeves to refurbish Addaction service centres across the UK

Act for Addaction has taken our long-term partnership to the next level, putting our colleagues at the heart of the relationship and creating powerful ambassadors for responsibility. By harnessing the skills and experience of our colleagues we’ve delivered meaningful volunteering activities which will have a long-term impact on Addaction as an organisation.

We’ve taken one of the most challenging issues for our industry – alcohol misuse – and confronted it head on to deliver significant, lasting benefit for individuals, families and communities the length and breadth of the UK.


Did you know?

£120 million