Low alcohol beers - Carling Zest

As part of their contribution to the 1 billion unit reduction pledge, part of the Responsibility Deal, Molson Coors has pledged to deliver a 50 million unit reduction by 2015.

The company has pursued a number of different initiatives from ABV reformulation of existing brands along with delivering greater consumer choice of lower alcohol products.

In May 2012 this began with the launch of Carling Zest, a 2.8% citrus flavoured beer. The brand has proved extremely successful and appears to have met the growing demand for lighter beers in both the on and off-trade.

Sales of low alcohol beer – 2.8% abv and lower, continue to grow and in total the market grew by 12% in the second year following the tax break and is now about double the size of the market pre-tax break.

A second flavour of Carling Zest was launched in Autumn 2012 and additional flavours have been added since to ensure that the brand remains popular and current.

Molson Coors also worked with Asda in 2013 on the development of an exclusive Carling Cooler 2% product which aligned to the increasing interest from Asda shoppers to lower strength alternatives.

Did you know?


Did you know?