Surrey Alcohol Responsibility Initiative

Miller Brands UK, based in Woking, has taken the lead in promoting social responsibility in their own area and has become integrally involved in developing solutions to alcohol issues in the local community.

Through the Surrey Alcohol Responsibility Initiative (SARI) Miller Brands has been able to bring together the support and involvement of a wide coalition of community stakeholders including the police, NHS, and the Surrey Chambers of Commerce. This initiative has allowed industry, led by Miller Brands to work within the community to identify issues and address them collectively, whether by promoting higher standards of responsible retailing; providing training and sharing of best practice; or providing alcohol education in schools.

The company will also be the lead sponsor for Woking’s Best Bar None Scheme in 2014 for the third year running. As well as financial support this includes support in kind, such as media work, use of office space and the marketing of the initiative.

Did you know?


Did you know?

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