The brewing industry has a long term commitment to improving its environmental performance. It has also been at the forefront of providing both technical and process based solutions aimed to improve efficiency and reduce the use of resources whilst limiting the industry’s impact on the environment.

The industry set itself an ambitious range of targets and goals in 2010 and has already made significant progress towards achieving these. The 2014 Brewing Green update on industry progress was able to report that the industry had met its 2020 carbon target early and was making further good progress on other areas including water efficiency and waste reduction.

Partnerships have been important to the progression of various schemes – we have worked with a range of institutions including government agencies such as the Environment Agency, the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), Zero Waste Scotland and the Carbon Trust. Lessons learnt from other sectors, and other parts of the brewing supply chain, have also brought additional benefit to brewers.

The BBPA and members remain committed to continuing progress in all areas, including work to improve the environmental performance of the whole supply chain including pubs. Many pubs are already looking to reduce energy use and waste as a cost saving measure - as well as for environmental reasons - and with energy bills at an all time high there has never been a better time to improve efficiency.

BBPA have been involved with the WRAP Hospitality & Foodservice Voluntary Agreement on waste reduction and have encouraged members to sign up to encourage waste reduction in their pub estates. As part of this process we have developed guidance for licensees on reducing waste in their pub and to demonstrate that there is a substantial cost incentive to reduce waste and improve margins.

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