Diageo has two beer packaging plants in the UK; Runcorn Packaging and Belfast Packaging. Runcorn is a small pack and kegging site for the UK market, while Belfast is a small pack-only site packaging bottles and cans primarily for the island of Ireland.

Diageo has set an ambitious target of zero waste to landfill globally by 2015 based on a 2007 baseline. Runcorn Packaging achieved zero waste in 2008.

In 2007, Belfast Packaging sent a total of 285 tonnes of waste to landfill. Through a programme of reduction, re-use and recycling waste to landfill has been reduced year on year. In July 2012 the site sent zero waste to landfill for the first time and has sustained that performance over the last 15 months. Some of the initiatives undertaken to deliver this included:

  • Changes to receptacles & equipment to increase recycling rates
  • Creation of new recycling waste streams
  • Utilisation of 5S principles
  • Waste contractor partnership approach
  • Cradle to Grave compliance approach

Diageo's zero waste strategy