Energy efficiency investment at Marston's plc

Marston's plc has undergone major changes over the last few years. As the UK's largest builder of new pubs, with 25 new-builds each year, it would have been easy for the company to sideline sustainability as its managed estate grew in size and accounted for the majority of emissions.

However, the company recognised the importance of controlling energy use at a time when prices are only going in one direction. Despite the focus on expanding the managed estate, the company implemented a programme to ensure that energy efficiency was at the heart of new builds and pub refurbishments.

Between 2007 and 2009, despite a significant increase in food sales due to expansion, Marston's achieved a 10 per cent cut in emissions. Measures implemented included preventing energy wastage through energy efficient equipment, heat recovery, high standards of insulation, voltage reduction and close control of equipment. Staff have also been fully engaged in energy saving measures and encouraged to take action to reduce waste.

Marston's has invested £750K in energy efficiency in their new pubs but it is not complacent. The company continues to find ways to make further improvements and savings within its pubs and brewery. Although there is only direct control over the managed estate, the company works closely with tenants to share best proactive in energy efficiency and carbon reduction and to provide services such as the collection of used cooking oil.

The company will continue to invest in carbon reduction projects and new technology where cost effective, engage with suppliers to provide lower carbon goods and continue to work to improve performance wherever possible.