Heineken make use of Life Cycle Analysis to reduce packaging impacts

Heineken had already made good progress in reducing packaging environmental impacts by lightweighting. This had led to a 14 per cent reduction in glass use over the previous five years.

However the company was keen to measure the impact of lightweighting activities better as well as understand the environmental impacts of new packaging designs.

In 2012, the company set up as web-based tool, Instant Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), which allows the environmental impact of one or more items of packaging to be compared – from primary packaging to the finished pallet. This comparison can be made across a range of new packaging options or between new and existing packaging.

LCA assesses not only the impact of packaging production and filling but also the impact of distribution from supplier to customer. The main output of the tool is a measure of the packaging’s carbon impact but the tool also estimates the impact on natural resources and air and water.

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