Heineken SmartDispense helps improve supply chain sustainability

Heineken UK is committed to working with the supply chain to reduce environmental impacts from production to customer. In 2012 the company launched SmartDispense, a unique draught cooling technology which offers a significant cost saving to publicans, a better quality pint to consumers, and a greener solution for the on-trade.

SmartDispense provides cooler, kegs, beer tube and tap in one system, which has a number of positive impacts on the environment. The system is on average 20 per cent more energy efficient than a standard cellar cooling system. It also cuts waste by reducing the frequency of line cleaning from weekly to every four weeks which brings an average 75 per cent saving in water, beer and cleaning chemicals. The coolers used in the Smart Dispense system also have a significantly lower global warming potential than the industry standard.

Since its launch in 2012, over 600 Heineken customers and lessees have introduced SmartDispense technology into their pubs, with a pilot study showing an average 41 per cent energy saving across an eight-month period.


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Did you know?