Molson Coors took on the challenge to push the limits on water efficiency at their Tadcaster brewery after drought in 2010/2011 severely depleted ground water levels.

The company had already built a relationship with the local Environment Agency, which acted as an early warning on local drought. This led to the mobilisation of brewery staff to identify short-term water saving projects to alleviate the more immediate risk of shortages.

This included greater use of short-interval control, frequent leak-hunts of their water and condensate lines, as well as recycling of cooling waters from air compressors to the hot-well for use as boiler feed water. To take efficiency further, the site invested in an additional reverse osmosis skid to clean reject water.

The company was also instrumental in the formation of the Tadcaster River Wharfe Community User Group, to foster good relations with the local community and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting water resources.

Tadcaster has not increased its water use efficiency by 8 per cent over two years and is not consistently achieving efficiency of 2.9hl of water withdrawal did not arise this summer. Although the changes made have yet to be tested in a drought the company is now much better positioned for the future.

Molson Coors is now using the lessons learned at Tadcaster to manage risk in operations at their other site.


Molson Coors take on water efficiency