St Austell – ‘Green Champions’ leading the way on food waste

St Austell Brewery has transformed the way that its pubs manage food waste through engaging staff.

The company conducted a trial with three sites to understand more about the composition of waste, and what was going to landfill. This involved separating and measuring what was thrown away – which showed that one pub was throwing away a tonne of waste a month. The majority of this was waste from food preparation, including heavy items such as wet peelings and stock bones.

Since then, a tender process took place for a new waste service provider with a requirement that they had to include food waste collection. Food waste collected now goes to anaerobic digestion (AD). Green Champions have also been appointed at all sites who oversee the waste separation and other green initiatives.

Going forward, all pubs are working towards reducing the amount of food waste going into the general waste stream. This is being encouraged through full staff engagement including a visit to the AD plant for Green Champions.